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Advice Centre - How to Measure Your Room

Carpets and Vinyl
Measure the maximum dimensions in each direction remembering to measure right into your door check and any bay window. You should then add on a minimum of 10cm to the length to allow for cutting when it is being installed. You also need to check if your walls are square. If they are not you may need to add on more material.
Remember in working out your size you need to work with the width of the material. For instance if your room is 4.25m x 3.6m then you need 17 sq m (4.25m x 4m).

LVT and Laminate
Here you just need the neat area of the room. In the example above it would be 15.3sq m. Here though you need to allow for wastage. For large rooms it may be a little as 5% but for small bathrooms will a lot of cutting it could be over 10%.