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Access- check that there is sufficient access to the area where you want your flooring installed. For instance if you want a large carpet in your attic and have a very narrow stair for access. Also, remember that while a carpet can be quite flexible it is far less easy to manoeuvre vinyl.

Door Clearance – check that your new flooring will fit under your door. If it does not you will either have to adjust your door upwards or take a small amount off the bottom of the door. Where this is not possible then you may have to rethink the flooring you will buy or replace your existing door.

Breakables – it is always advisable to move anything breakable out of the way before your flooring if fitted. This can be especially true of pictures if you have a large carpet going up a staircase. 

Tolerance – remember to allow for a tolerance on both the width and length of a carpet or vinyl. They have a tolerance of plus or minus 1.25%. That means that a carpet that is ordered at 400cm could come in at only 395cm. Therefore, if you have a room that measures 397cm wide a 400cm carpet may not be wide enough. Note that this tolerance is on both the length and width of your flooring. 

Dye Tolerance – as with all materials your flooring will vary from batch to batch. This is as true for carpets as it is for laminates. If you place an order at different times the flooring may not match up exactly. This is also the case with samples. They will be made at a different time to the product itself. In the UK the dye tolerance on flooring is plus or minus 5%.