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Advice Centre - Different Carpet Fibres

This is the most traditional and environmentally friendly of carpet fibres.  Until the 20th century almost all carpets were made from 100% wool. Wool has the best thermal properties of all the fibres that are available. Carpets made from wool also tend to keep their appearance very well. With a natural resilience or “bounce back” characteristic wool will keep its appearance very well.
Wool often needs more care when making a carpet that the manmade fibres. In order not to damage the fibre carpet machines have to run more slowly for wool carpets. This increased cost of production means that most wool carpets are at the quality end of the market.
Not in itself a hard wearing fibre wool is often used in a combination with either polypropylene or nylon (80% wool and 20% polypropylene is the most common) to give the carpet increased strength.

This is now the most common of all the fibres used in carpet production. Relatively cost effective and easy to use polypropylene has significantly reduced the cost of producing carpets.
Polypropylene is the most stain resistant of all carpet fibres with many of these carpets come with a stain guarantee and are bleach cleanable.
Of all the carpet fibres nylon or polyamide as it is often called is the hardest wearing. For very heavy wear areas this will often give the best performance.
Nylon also allows for a much greater use of colour to be used. You will get much sharper, vibrant colours by using nylon that is not available with either wool or polypropylene.